About Us

LIVIN for HOCKEY (LFH) is a not for profit organisation, established & run by Hockey players, to use the many benefits of participating in Hockey as weapons (strategies) in the fight against Mental Illnesses in Australia.

We believe that Hockey can be an incredibly effective weapon in the fight against poor mental health & suicide, especially in the high risk ages 14-25. Hockey infrastructure, clubs & competitions already exist in every major city in Australia. The capacity of all competitions in Australia to take on additional players is significant. As such accessibility to teams and the enormous benefits of playing Hockey, can accessed by thousands of teenagers almost immediately. The physical and mental health benefits of playing Hockey are proven and well documented. This solution is scale-able, the resources are available, and the appetite of the Hockey community to participate is boundless.


1. Educate & create greater awareness around mental health messages in the existing Hockey community

2. Encourage all players to actively break the stigma around mental health

3. Embed the importance of players looking out for their teammates mental health as well as their own

4. Advocate the combined physical and mental health benefits of playing Hockey at all ages

5. Assist more kids to play and keep playing junior Hockey

Initiatives to Achieve These Goals:

1. Raise money via selling Merchandise, Fundraising, Sponsorship and Grants

2. Make available a National Hockey Mental Health Education program to all junior & senior players and coaches

3. Build an easily accessible and readable, online information catalogue for Mental Health, tailored for Hockey Players

4. Embed an awareness nationally within the Hockey community highlighting the LFH Goals, and how players and supporters can support the cause. The cause is captured in our hashtag #TEAMMATESFORLIFE

5. Promote the LIVIN for HOCKEY brand, our purpose and our core goals to the community outside Hockey

What’s Our Start Up Story:

The LFH concept was brought to life by a group of current and past Hockey players, led by Australian Hockey International player Glenn Turner and former Old Canberrans & National Hockey League player Patrick O’Connor. Both Glenn and Patrick have battled with serious mental health issues throughout their lives.

They both strongly endorse the positive benefits that playing Hockey and the support from the Hockey community, has had on their lives & their recoveries. Originally the goal was to raise awareness through the sharing of personal experiences, and spread the important messages around looking after your own mental health and your mates too.

However the decline in junior hockey participation in recent years and the epidemic of youth suicide, has resulted in a bigger strategy being adopted. Simply put, Hockey has an important role to play in reducing both the prevalence of ongoing mental health issues in the community and the tragedy of suicide at all ages.

With these issues in mind, the LIVIN for HOCKEY movement was established and is currently being registered as a charitable organisation. Whilst its origins are in the Canberra & Goulburn region, it is completely independent to any club, district, state or national association. That means that whilst LIVIN for HOCKEY will actively seek to partner with these groups, the movement will always be a separate structure. We are excited to see how LIVIN for HOCKEY has quickly grown to be a national cause.